R2 Packages

Cutting Status

About Orders
I have partnered with an outside CNC shop The result is that I will be able to offer more reliable, and faster, delivery times and lower prices for the
parts packages that I offer.

The parts are typically cut from panels. Panel sizes vary from 20x20, 20x24 to 20x30 panels. .220 inch thick panels are 18x8 or 18x24.
I'll try to give you some idea of the progress I'm making in cutting the set of panels needed to complete the current set of orders.

Here's list of the R2 panels, sizes and current cutting status as of 7/12/15
- I am still sorting out the orders list, the shop re-opened on 7/4/15
3D printer is back in operation & cranking out parts as fast as I can! 

Ring 1 20x20
Ring 2 20x20
Ring 3 20x20
Ring 4 20x20
Shoulder Parts 20x24
Shoulder Plates (.220)18x8
Ring 0 - frame only orders 20x20

Skirt Bottom 20x12
Skirt Base (Ring 0) 20x20
Skirt Ribs (.250)18x8
Skins (.040) 20x24

Shoulders 2/3-leg Fixed

Fixed Shoulder Hubs (.220)18x8 (qty 2)
Skins (.040)20x24
Utility Arm Box15x24
3D Printed Battery Boxes 
Battery Box CNC parts (.125)20x24 
Battery Box Curved ends2 sets
Leg Inside 20x30 (qty 2)
Leg Outside 20x30 (qty 2)
Risers 20x24 (qty 2)
Ankles (.125) 18x8 (qty 2)
Skins (.040) Shldr Top 20x24
Skins (.040) Other 20x24
Center Ankle
Ankle Plates (.220)18x8 (qty 2)
Ankle Plate Filler (.125)8x10 
Ankle Risers15x24
Ring 0 Brace

Center Foot w 3D Aprons
Foot Structural (.220) 18x24
Foot Shell (.125) 20x20
3D Printed Parts (aprons) 4 pcs
Tapped Spacer1pc
 Outer Foot Drives & Shells
Drive Structural (.220)18x24 x2
Shell Structural (.220)18x8 x2
Shell Skins (.125)20x24 x2
3D Printed Parts Set (aprons, curved ends, braces, nut traps)2 sets