R2 Packages

About Orders
I'm working alone. Well, it's just me and the CNC machine.
Parts are cut to order, packaged and shipped in the order that they are received.
As orders are received, they are listed on the order status page. An email will be returned with an estimated cost for the order.
Material costs are based on current prices for single 4x8 sheets of Styrene and may change with market conditions.
If you decide to cancel just send an email and I'll note that in your order status.
When I'm ready to start cutting your material I'll send you a Paypal invoice for a deposit equal to the cost of the material.
Once the material is cut and ready to ship I'll send a Paypal invoice for shipping and cutting costs per your estimate.
Orders are shipped via USPS Priority 1 mail, with delivery confirmation.
For the moment I'll only accept orders within the continental US.

What You Get
The parts are typically cut from 20 in x 24 in panels. Box Beam legs need to be cut from 20x30 panels. Sometimes smaller panels are used depending on the amount of materials required. I've spent time nesting parts to minimize the waste plastic. What I send you is a stack of panels with the parts still connected by their Tabs.
There may also be some Flash. (See the page on Tabs & Flash)  Just like when building plastic kit models when we were kids (You did build
kits when you were a kid? Didn't you?) you'll have to remove the parts from the panels and clean off any flash.

Here's an example of some of the R2 panels. (note that panel layout may change, these are mostly
older 20x20 layouts)

Parts Packages
Parts package prices are adjusted periodically to reflect the supplier cost of single sheets of styrene.
Parts Package Deposit Total Cost Weight
Eggcrate Frame (frame only, second copy of Ring 1 provided to complete construction) $ 45 $ 180 13
Skirt (skirt only) $ 15 $   60 4
Eggcrate Frame + Skirt $ 50 $ 225 17
3-leg Fixed Shoulders $ 15 $   55 4
2-leg Fixed Shoulders $ 15 $   55 4
Box Beam Legs (pair of legs) $ 60 $ 280 18
Eggcrate Center Ankle $ 15 $   65 5
Center Foot with 3D printed aprons $ 15 $   75 7
     Threaded Spacer for Center Foot (See Center Foot Mechanical Parts List)
$ 1.50
     Threaded Spacer for Center Foot & pair of mating shoulder bolts 
$ 4.50
3D Printed Battery Boxes (pair) - either "Standard" or "with Cutouts"$ 15$   704
Scooter Motor Outer Foot Drives & Shells (pair, 2 drives, 2 shells)$ 45$ 18014
Utility Arm Box none $   25


Shipping is not included in the prices. To estimate shipping add up the weights of the parts you are interested in, add an additional 4 lb for packing material, and then go to the USPS shipping estimator. My zip code is 08527 (Jackson, NJ). I typically ship via Priority 1. These weight numbers are just estimates. I'll charge you exactly what USPS charges me for your package when I send your final invoice.

If you are ordering more than one set of the same parts I can offer a 10% discount since I save CNC setup time If I'm cutting multiple copies of the same parts. Discount applies to single requests for multiple parts, shipped to same location and paid for by a single person.

Placing an order
send me email at fpirz at media dash conversions dot net
to tell me:
who you are (the name you'd like to show up in the order list)
where to ship the order
how to contact you (email address)
what you want

Very little in life is guaranteed. If you have a problem please contact me. My instructions might not be clear. If there's a problem with a part I can send you a replacement. If you've looked at the package you've gotten and simply decided It's not really what you wanted let me know. I want to know why I didn't meet your expectations. If you haven't glued things together send it back and I'll refund your purchase price, less shipping cost.

I'm not selling these packages on Ebay. However, If you check out my Media-Conversions store on Ebay you'll find that I have close to 100% feedback rating on over 720 sales (actually more, not every buyer bothers to provide feedback). One buyer, out of over 700, was unhappy and didn't give me a chance to deal with his problem. I want satisfied customers and I'll do just about anything to make sure you like what you get!